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I was jumping through hoops like somebody jumping rope - Double Dutch!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️

Listen, that might sound funny but when you are struggling to live your own life, it isn't funny at all!

My Story:

I'm the "girl/woman" in the family so I'm told it's my job to take care of everybody else. What I want or need? That's supposed to be put aside.

At least, this is what I was taught and been told by so many people. Not one of them had any right weighing in on what I do with my life.

When people think you have all the answers or can get them for them, they call on you for everything.

When people want someone who is dependable and trustworthy, they call on you for everything whether they like you or not.

After I stopped "over-giving" to the world while giving too little to myself, I put together a "plan for creating a fulfilling life!"

As a result:

  • I have no guilt.
  • I say "No" and mean it!
  • I have healthier relationships.
  • I have a peace-filled life.
  • I fulfill goals and dreams I had put off again and again!



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